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    An ideal advertising vehicle

    With its eye-catching apperance the VAXI is an ideal advertising vehicle. Get your advertisement rolling! We can develop the visualisation, carry out the foliation with our partners and create graphics for promotion material, adverts and POS-products at a fair price. Advertising partners who advocate energy-saving and social actions pay a bargain price. You get offered:

    • Tour on your behalf
    • your Design on 4m2 per pedicab
    • Drivers dressed in your colors
    • Presentation of your flyers, goods, invitations...
    • Choose route, places and timetable


    VAXI – Velotaxi Basel
    Pfeffergässlein 9

    CH-4051 Basel


    Tilmann Schor
    Geschäftsführer / Werbung in Bewegung
    Tel. +41 61 271 60 33
    Mob. +41 76 575 60 33


    Surprenez et marquez vos cibles

    • Trajets offerts en votre nom
    • 4m2 d’affichage par véhicule
    • Chauffeurs habillés vos couleurs
    • Mise à disposition de flyers, bons, invitation…
    • Choisissez les lieux de présences et de déplacement des véhicules

    Parce que votre message mérite d’être vécu, offrez une expérience marketing


    Taxi Bike SA
    Sébastien Roevens
    tél. +41 78 607 10 10



    Velotaxi Basel holds concessions for taxi stands. In case of a national campaign or exhibition we collaborate with companies in Geneva and Zurich. Velotaxi Basel is integrative and open for everything.


    (PDF deutsch / english 9 MB)